Fevicryl and Parkinson’s Disease & Movement Disorder Society celebrate the colors of India

~An attempt to create Limca Book of Record for the largest map of India made with mini canvases~

01 August, 2019, Mumbai: Fevicryl, a leading art and craft brand from the house of Pidilite Industries, has embarked upon a unique initiative #AllCanArt. This initiative aims at encouraging everyone to art beyond the idea of skills and perfection using fluid art technique. Generally, people are reluctant to put their ideas on canvases due to lack of technical know-how. But fluid art allows people to freely paint and let their creativity flow.

As part of #AllCanArt, Fevicryl aims to create a Limca record for largest map of India with paintings and mini canvases created by people from different walks of life using Fluid Art technique.

The initiative kick started with a session at Parkinson’s Disease & Movement Disorder Society (PDMDS). PDMDS is an N.G.O that provides   people suffering from Parkinson’s Disease with multidisciplinary therapy through a network of community based support centers.  People suffering from Parkinson’s  have difficulty with movement and coordination  but fluid art technique allows them to experiment and paint on canvas as it does not require any professional skill set.

Over 60 Parkinson’s patients participated in the workshop and set free their creativity by pouring colors on the canvas using Fluid Art technique. Despite the challenges they face, the art form allowed the participants to showcase their artistic prowess and unleash their hidden talent.

Dr. Maria Barretto, CEO, Parkinson’s Disease & Movement Disorder Society, Mumbai, said, “It was a great opportunity for our patients to be part of #AllCanArt initiative.  We believe that art can contribute immeasurably to their emotional health and over all well-being. Patients find art relaxing as it enables creative expression. Members of our Parkinson’s support groups thoroughly enjoyed the session and expressed that they were really excited to explore skills they had never tried before.  We are grateful to Fevicryl and Pidilite Industries for giving us this opportunity and we are thrilled to be part of the Limca Book of Records.”

Mr. Shantanu Bhanja, CEO, Consumer Products, Pidilite Industries Ltd, said “Through #AllCanArt, we wish to convey that now anyone with a creative intent can paint and create magic. There is no need for formal training. Fluid art is free flowing and can be practiced even by an amateur which makes it a great art form for everyone. We are delighted that inmates at PDMDS enjoyed the session and look forward for more such collaborations.”

The second leg of the activity will take place at M.K.E.S School, Malad where 300+ school students will get together on Friday, 02nd Aug’19 and try their hands on the unique art form. Similarly, canvases will be created and contributed by corporates across city.

The creative masterpieces shall then be put together to create the Largest Map of India on August 11th at Seawoods Grand Central Mall which will be unveiled on 11th Aug’19 itself as a mark to celebrate Independence Day.