Metro Line 3’s eight tunnel boring machines finish over 1200 meters tunnelling

Mumbai, April 02, 2018: Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) today announced that its Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) have so far completed 1,267 meters of tunnelling at various station sites, for the construction of the Mumbai Metro Line 3.

The line 3 has so far received eleven TBMs, out of which eight have been lowered and have started operations.
Appended are the various tunnelling work at the different sites:

Azad Maidan site: The two TBMs of package 2 will construct 4.5 km of tunnels up to Grant Road. These TBMs, Vaitarna 1 and 2, have so far completed 330 meters of tunnelling.

Naya Nagar site: The two TBMs of package 4 will construct 2.5 km tunnel up to Dadar metro station. These TBMs, Krishna 1 and 2, have tunnelled 492 meters so far.

Vidyanagari site: The two TBMs of package 5 will dig 2.98 km of tunnels up to CSIA Domestic Airport. These TBMs Godavari 1 and 2 have completed 150 meters of boring so far.

Marol Naka site: The two TBMs of package 7 will tunnel 1.2 km of tunnels up to CSIA International Airport. These TBMs, Vainganga 1 and 2 have tunnelled 295 meters so far.

Ms. Ashwini Bhide, Managing Director, MMRC said, “After launching our first TBM in November last year, it is indeed a milestone to have successfully completed more than 1,200 meters of tunnelling with 8 machines put to operations. With 14 TBMs already having completed Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), we are hoping to have all the 17 TBMs running swiftly in ground by July 2018.”

The names of the TBMs, Surya, Vaitarna, Tanasa, Krishna, Godavari, Tapi and Vainganga, have been named after the rivers flowing in Maharashtra.