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ESAF Small Finance Bank Limited’s Initial Public Offering to open on Friday, November 3, 2023, sets price band at ₹57 to ₹60 per Equity Share

Mumbai, October 31, 2023:  ESAF Small Finance Bank Limited, a small finance bank with a focus on unbanked and under-banked customer segments, especially in rural and semi-urban centers, has fixed the price band at  ₹57  to  ₹60  per Equity Share for its maiden initial public offer. The Initial Public Offering (“ IPO ” or  “Offer” ) of the Company will open on Friday, November 3, 2023, for subscription and close on Tuesday, November 7, 2023. Investors can bid for a minimum of 250 Equity Shares and in multiples of 250 Equity Shares thereafter. The Public Issue of face value of ₹10 per Equity Share comprises of fresh issuance of Equity Shares worth Rs 390.70 crore and an Offer for Sale (OFS) of up to Rs 72.30 crore aggregating to Rs 463 crore. The Bank proposes to utilise the proceeds of the fresh issue to augment its Tier 1 capital base. The Lender's primary products are advances and deposits (current accounts, savings accounts, term deposits, and recurring deposits). Its advances co

Popeyes® India's Mega Chance to Score ICC Men's Cricket World Cup Final Tickets!

Bharat- 31.10.2023 : Popeyes®, the iconic US fried chicken brand, is thrilled to present an extraordinary opportunity for all Indian cricket enthusiasts. Get ready to win coveted match tickets for the  ODI Men’s Cricket World Cup Final Live in Ahmedabad on 19 th  Nov’23. To kick off the cricket season with unmatched enthusiasm, Popeyes India has unveiled an array of World Cup Special Combos. When you purchase any of these special Combos, not only do you receive a complimentary branded sipper, but you also earn 1 run for every Re. spent. The top 4 scorers between 15th September and 31st October will be the lucky winners of these exclusive match tickets to witness the Men’s Cricket World Cup Final. Popeyes made its grand debut in India with the launch of its flagship restaurant in Bengaluru, followed by a rapid and successful expansion into multiple cities, including Chennai, Manipal, Coimbatore, and Hyderabad and Madurai. Chicken aficionados across these cities have warmly embraced Pope

Introducing the Prestige Crysta Electric Digital Air Fryer: A Revolutionary Addition to Your Kitchen

National, October 2023:  Prestige, a leading brand in kitchen appliances, is proud to announce the launch of the  Prestige Crysta Electric Digital Air Fryer . This state-of-the-art appliance is designed to revolutionize your cooking experience, offering a healthier and more convenient way to enjoy your favorite fried foods. One of the standout features of the  Crysta Digital Air Fryer  is its  9 preset cooking functions , including  fry, grill, roast, bake, and more , the Prestige Crysta Air Fryer is a versatile kitchen companion that caters to all your cooking needs. Whether you're craving crispy fries, succulent grilled chicken, or perfectly baked pastries, this appliance has got you covered. The  Digital Displa y allows you to set and adjust both  Time and temperature  for precise cooking. This feature eliminates guesswork and ensures consistent results every time you use it. The specially designed  High-Capacity Frying Basket , featuring a  High-Quality Non-Stick Coating , ensu

Airtel collaborates with Microsoft to enable integrated calling through Microsoft Teams

  To introduce Airtel IQ for Microsoft Teams a network-integrated telecom solution for organizations ̶  to enable phone calling via Microsoft Teams New Delhi, October 29, 2023:  Bharti Airtel (“Airtel”), one of India’s leading telecommunications service providers, today, announced that it has partnered with Microsoft to offer Indian organizations calling services over Microsoft Teams through an integration with Airtel IQ. With Airtel IQ for Microsoft Teams, enterprises will soon be able to enjoy greater flexibility in connecting with customers across the country over fixed line through the internet. This new service will enable enterprises to make and take calls to external users through the Teams experience streamlining communications and collaboration within the flow of work. Abhishek Biswal – Business Head, Airtel IQ  said, “We are delighted to partner with Microsoft to bring an agile, flexible and innovative solution to ease one of the biggest issues facing Indian enterprises today

Scintillating Rupali Ganguly Inaugurates Manubhai Jewellers’ – Thane Store

30 th  Oct 2023, Thane Mumbai:   Rupali Ganguly   dazzled as she  inaugurated   the   highly anticipated   Thane Store of Manubhai Jewellers  on 28 th  Oct 2023. In the world of luxury and opulence, Manubhai Jewellers stands as a beacon of timeless beauty and unmatched craftsmanship. The brand's flagship store in Borivali has been reigning hearts of its customers for curating elegant yet luxurious jewellery designs for over 3 decades now. This is their first step of extending the brands chain to newer locations. Their 2 storey Thane store will host an enormous range of everyday jewellery in unmatched elegant and classy designs. The brand had associated with the incredibly talented and charismatic actress, Rupali Ganguly, to inaugurate their Thane Store.  The brand believes that Rupali has a strong appeal towards masses especially women. She empowers many women in true spirit to go, think and do beyond their capabilities. Manubhai Jewellers Thane, too, wants to empower women with th

Indian Overseas Bank Q2FY24 Results

  Indian   Overseas Bank   Central O ffice     Chennai   (Rs.   in   Crores)   Particulars  30.09.2023   (3   Months)   30.09.2022   (3   Months)     30.09.2023   (6   Months)   30.09.2022   (6   Months)     Operating   Profit   1,677   1,494       3,022   2,520       Net   Profit   /   Loss   625   501       1,125   893       Deposits  2,73,093   2,61,728       2,73,093   2,61,728       Gross   Advances   2,08,913   1,72,713       2,08,913   1,72,713       Gross   Investments   97,891   97,035       97,891   97,035       Business   Mix   4,82,006   4,34,441       4,82,006   4,34,441       CASA  1,19,206   1,11,924       1,19,206   1,11,924       CASA   Ratio   43.65%   42.76%       43.65%   42.76%       Gross   NPA   9,893   14,726       9,893   14,726       Net   NPA  1,364   4,148       1,364   4,148       Net   Interest   Margin   3.12%   2.79%       3.18%   2.66%       Gross   NPA   Ratio   4.74%   8.53%       4.74%   8.53%       Net   NPA   Ratio   0.68%   2.56%       0.68%   2.5