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Nissan Motor India launches free anti-microbial sanitization campaign

New Delhi,  April 30, 2020 :  Nissan Motor India  today  launched an anti-microbial sanitization campaign for the safety and wellbeing of all its customers. In this initiative, all Nissan dealers will perform a free of cost anti-microbial sanitization of all interior and exterior areas of the car that are frequently accessed or touched, including door handles, steering wheel, gear knobs, etc. In addition to the above, customers will also be offered full sanitization of the vehicle using interior fogging treatment, which ensures disinfection of the AC duct system, carpets etc., followed by exterior sanitization by spraying, at an affordable cost. Commenting on the announcement of the service,  Rakesh Srivastava, Managing Director, Nissan Motor India  said , “At Nissan India, our utmost priority is the well-being of all customers, employees and dealer partners. In these challenging times, it is important that we step up all types of sanitization services as a precautionary me

Pune-based FITTR is motivating people to say fit amidst lockdown with prize money of Rs 1 lakh each for 5 winners

·           This year, Fittr expects 15,000 people to participate in Transformation Challenge 10, India’s Biggest Online Transformation Challenge ·           Melwyn Pawar, winner of Transformation Challenge 9, goes home with a brand-new Harley Davidson Street 750 Mumbai, April 30, 2020:  Due to the lockdown, gyms and fitness centers across the country are shut. With the Covid-19 situation being far from resolved, it is feared that this closure will continue for some more time. As people are staying indoors and physical movement is restricted, it becomes all the more important for them to stay fit. To help people in these times and to motivate them to embrace a fitter lifestyle, Pune-based online fitness platform Fittr is back with the 10 th  edition of its much-awaited Transformation Challenge (TC). TC 10 launches on May 1 st  and is a 12-week online challenge that will be hosted on the company’s fitness app (also called FITTR). Registration for the challenge is free and

Ethnicity Brings You the Vibrance of Pushkar

Ethnicity  brings to you -  The Pushkar Collection , inspired by the dramatic collage of diversified pictures that bring alive the century old sprawling festivities of the Pushkar Mela. Pushkar is an important pilgrimage destination which hosts the largest camel fair of India drawing tourists from across the globe. The abundance of colorful cultural themes from the mel N a, hae inspired Ethnicity’s Pushkar Collection, making it a visual delight. In the collection you will find splashes of yellow, pink, teal and orange that showcases the gradient of colours, reflecting the glorious state of Rajasthan. The floral designs, mirror work and embroideries in the range, pay homage to Rajasthani culture and gives you an essence of the vibrancy Pushkar has to offer. Shop from Ethnicity’s Pushkar Collection at Ethnicity stores and , to add to your wardrobe the melting pot of culture and contrast hues, that is Rajasthan.

PAYBACK India encourages members to fight Corona crisis by donating Loyalty Points to help Save Lives

PAYBACK India, the country’s largest multi-brand loyalty program,  recently launched a campaign –  Save more than just money with Points  under  #PAYBACKToSociety  drive for its over 100 Million members. Under this initiative, PAYBACK is encouraging members to make use of accumulated PAYBACK loyalty points by voluntarily donating as much as they can to save lives and help families or individuals in financial stress or need personal protective equipment like face masks, gloves, sanitizers et al to fight coronavirus. For this initiative, PAYBACK India has partnered with TATA Trust and World Vision, where members can voluntarily donate a minimum 1000 points to up to 20,000 points, which will be used to provide personal protective equipment, ration for families, food supplements or any essential items for needy individuals and families. PAYBACK India has been running its  #PAYBACKToSociety  digital   campaign   since the lockdown began as its effort to help the government by cont

BALCO’s COVID-19 prevention efforts reach over 2,50,000 people

Korba, 28 Apr 2020: India’s iconic aluminium producing company BALCO, engaging with various stakeholders, has reached over 2,50,000 people through its Covid-19 prevention and safety measures. Vedanta BALCO is taking extensive steps to ensure that the community, associate partners, employees, other stakeholders and all their families are equipped and sensitized to respond to COVID-19. The team has made generous contributions to the community by distributing PPE kits, sanitizers, food, as well as conducting sanitization drives in the district. While the BALCO plant is running operations with minimum workforce and limited resources, adhering to all the COVID-19 guidelines issued by the central and state authorities, the organization has marshalled all its resources to undertake preventive measures for its eemployees, business associates and community at large in, around and far beyond its plant area. BALCO has extensively supported the local communities with safety kits, dry rati

TRA’s Covid Mental Wellbeing Index shows Mumbai at lowest

Delhi citizens cope second best with current crisis Mumbai. 29 th  April, 2020:  TRA Research, a consumer insights and brand analytics company, today released a new finding from its recent white-paper, a research survey conducted across 16 cities with 902 urban citizens to delve deeper into the Mental Wellbeing of citizens across urban India.  Guwahati citizens showed the highest mental Wellbeing (84%) in their ability to cope with their current worries of family health and work stability as well as their fears on the country’s health and economic impact. This was followed by Delhi-NCR (78%) which had the second best Mental Wellbeing score. Other cities which displayed a ‘Good’ ability Mental Wellbeing of their citizens include Indore (75%), Coimbatore (73%) and Pune (72%). Mumbai showed the lowest Mental Wellbeing Index at just 28%, showing severe stresses and anxieties among the citizenry, followed by Lucknow at 36%. N. Chandramouli, CEO, TRA Research, explained the conce

Cargill supplies Gemini Cooking Oil to fuel 1,00,000+ families to support COVID-19 relief efforts in Pune, Maharashtra

Cargill India pledges  16 million meals  across India by providing nutrition to  150,000 families  across  16 states Product donations include  Gemini Cooking Oil, NatureFresh Acti Lite  and  NatureFresh Atta , besides monetary contribution to the PM Cares  Fund National,   28 th  April 2020  –  As COVID-19 continues to spread, there is a growing need to feed the most vulnerable communities in our society. In line with its purpose of nourishing the world, Cargill has pledged support to families through dry ration kits containing  Gemini Cooking Oil and NatureFresh Acti Lite  along with  NatureFresh Atta  and cooked meals. The relief efforts will impact families across cities like Delhi/ NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune to name a few. This is in line with Cargill India’s pledge to support  16 million meals  across the country, providing nutrition to  150,000 families  across  16 states. Maharashtra is a key market for Cargill’s edible oils business in India. In Pune, Cargi

This World Dance Day groove to the first-ever Online Dance Festival organized by Dance with Madhuri

●          The festival includes masterclasses by Farah Khan, Saroj Khan and a magical performance by Madhuri Dixit Nene and Pt. Birju Maharaj As the whole world  practices social distancing by staying safe in their own homes, organizations , have stepped up by using the power of the digital world and Madhuri Dixit Nene’s dance academy Dance with Madhuri(DWM) has taken a lead to help people relieve stress while learning something new, during these difficult times. Dance With Madhuri(DWM) is organizing a first of its kind two-day online dance festival which will kickstart on 29th April 2020 on World Dance Day. The festival will take place across Dance With Madhuri social properties like Instagram, YouTube and their website and users will get an opportunity to learn different dance forms, attend LIVE workout sessions and a series of interesting sessions & masterclasses. 29th April, Day 1 of the festival will witness : ●          Kruti Mahesh,  the national award winning

CashBean stands united in the battle against COVID-19; extends CSR support to more than 50,000 Indians

- Contributes INR 1 million to PM Cares Fund -Donates essential sanitation items to more than 50,000 Indians - CashBean management and employees across India come together and contribute to PM Cares Fund India, April 28, 2020 –  The whole world is in uncharted waters and facing unprecedented times. coronavirus (COVID-19) is present nearly everywhere, and our community is no exception. These are challenging times for us all and we’re doing everything possible to provide services to our community. Pledging its support towards India’s fight against COVID-19 pandemic, CashBean, one of the leading micro-lending applications, together with IN-DEED foundation,  today announced a host of initiatives to support and empower Indians in these testing times. To ensure that the Indians are fully equipped, safe and motivated to fight the COVID-19 battle, the company is providing food and sanitation items such as sanitizers, liquid soaps, cotton masks and other home cleaning products to ove

Wranglers Traveler Lite Denims

Ever felt the rush in you to take a trip to the steepest mountains, thinking to hit the road for the longest drive of your life, or zip off on a motorcycle in search of adventure?  For those who venture out on these daring journeys; Wrangler is with you! The iconic denim brand Wrangler embodies the courageous spirit by making apparel that can handle themselves, while you go on about your everyday adventure.  This season Wrangler launches “ Traveler Lite Jeans ”, widening their best-selling range “Traveler”. Traveler uses knit-fabric combination, that look like denim; but feel like sweat pants. With the new addition of Traveler Lite, they have notched up the comfort quotient by using innovative knit fabric made with hollow yarn, making these jeans much lighter. Some of the Traveler Lite jeans also come with Silver Shield Technology to keep the jeans fresh even after multiple uses. These unique features in the jeans make it the ultimate companion for your adventures enhancing the

मलेशियन 10 माह की बच्ची का सफल लिवर ट्रांसप्लान्ट

बेबी नूर को कई बीमारियां थीं, जिसके चलते उसके जीवित रहने की संभावना बहुत कम हो गई थी मुंबई, 27 अप्रैल 2020 :-  आज चारों ओर कोरोनावायरस को लेकर शोर मचा है, रोज़ाना बड़ी संख्या में लोग इस इन्फेक्शन की चपेट में आ रहे हैं। इसी बीच मलेशिया से आई 10 माह की बच्ची, बेबी नूर का इन्द्रप्रस्थ अपोलो होस्पिटल्स में सफल लिवर ट्रांसप्लांट किया गया है। बेबी नूर को पैदा होने के ठीक बाद पीलिया हो गया था, जो धीरे धीरे बढ़ता चला गया और बाद में उसमें एक दुर्लभ लिवर एवं बाईल रोग बाइलरी एटेªेसिया का निदान किया गया, यह बीमारी दुनिया भर में पैदा होने वाले हर 12000 में से एक बच्चे में पाई जाती है। इसके अलावा नूर हेटरोटैक्सी से भी पीड़ित थी, जिसमें गर्दन और पेट के हिस्से के भीतरी अंगों की व्यवस्था असामान्य होती है। उसका पेट और लिवर बीचों-बीच था और दिल छाती के बीच में था। 2 माह की उम्र में बेबी नूर की सर्जरी की गई जिसमें लिवर की नीचली सतह को सीधे आंतों से जोड़ दिया जाता है। आंतों के गलत घुमाव को ठीक करने के लिए पेट की सर्जरी भी की गई। लेकिन दोनों सर्जरियां असफल रहीं। डॉ अनुपम सिब्बल, ग्रुप मेडिकल डायरेक्टर-

This Akshaya Tritiya, buy Divine Solitaires to fight against the COVID 19 pandemic

28 th  April 2020; Mumbai:  On the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya, Divine Solitaires today announced the launch of an exciting offer for customers which enables them to contribute towards India’s fight against Covid-19 while purchasing Solitaires.  Any Divine Solitaires diamond or diamond jewellery can be booked online by paying just 10% of the total price of their purchase till the lockdown is lifted across the country and things start getting back to normal. Divine Solitaires will contribute 50 percent of the amount paid by each customer towards the PM CARES Fund thus giving an opportunity to every customer to take part in fighting the unusual crisis that India faces today. Keeping in mind the purchasing decisions of its customers, Divine Solitaires will facilitate the balance payment to be made after lockdown along with an additional 5% off. While the pre-booking offer along with fund contribution will continue till the lockdown is lifted, the flat 5% off is only valid fro

Global Grad Show Receives Applications from Students and Professors across 125 universities in 40 countries for initiative addressing COVID-19 Collateral Issues

Global Grad Show, an initiative by the Art Dubai Group, launched an open call for university professors and students around the world to look for solutions to COVID-19 collateral issues.  The application phase ran between March 16 and April 2, receiving 390 entries by undergraduates, graduates and professors from 125 universities in 40 countries. Applications were evaluated by a jury including experts in innovation, technology and new ventures, whose input will inform the next assessment phase In the coming month, Global Grad Show will undergo a detailed analysis of the requirements of the recommend proposals, with a view to identify which can be supported towards implementation.        Proposals profile: Academic backgrounds ranged from technology to design, statistics and medicine, from institutions such as MIT, Harvard, Oxford and Imperial College alongside universities in developing economies such as Kenya, Iraq, Pakistan, Mexico and The Philippines.  8 UAE universities

Jubilant Bhartia Group Contributes Rupees 10 Crore to PM Cares Fund

Jubilant Bhartia Group, in a press statement, said that it has contributed Rupees 10 Crores to PM Cares fund to support Government of India’s initiatives in mitigating the COVID-19 crisis.  Two group companies:  Jubilant Foodworks Limited (one of the largest food service companies in India and master franchise of Domino’s Pizza and Dunkin' Donuts) and Jubilant Life Sciences Limited (an integrated global pharmaceuticals and life sciences company) contributed Rupees 5 Crores each to the fund. The contribution of Jubilant Life Sciences Limited, along with all its subsidiaries, includes one day gross salary of its 5300 employees.    The Jubilant Bhartia Group companies are committed to support the Government, both central & states, in controlling the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spirit of the Group’s promise of Caring, Sharing, Growing.  Jubilant Bhartia Foundation (JBF), a not-for-profit organization of the Group, has taken several measures at the grassroots leve

Eicher Group Foundation and Metso India join Plan India’s ‘Project Suraksha’ to support children and girls in vulnerable families

India, April 27 th , 2020:  Amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) lock down and outcry from several poor and marginalized families, vulnerability girls and young women has come to the fore. Communities with scanty access to health and sanitation facilities for their girls in this time of crisis are facing the biggest hardships. In response to this, Plan India’s  Project Suraksha  aims to fight the COVID-19 crisis while working in close coordination with the Government, civil society organisations, corporates and donors to support weaker sections and communities in peril. In order to support Plan India’s cause by means of this project,  Eicher Group Foundation  and  Metso India Pvt. Ltd  have come forward to fulfil the organisation’s purpose and mission to provide gender sensitive public health and humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable families so that the impact of the crises on children, girls and young women is minimized and mitigated. Extending his gratitude towards the s