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Interactive meeting with Mr. Adi Godrej, Chairman, Godrej Group LTD with the IMC chambers on 31st May 2016

     Mumbai, May 31, 2016 ·           Good economic policies of the current government could see India overtaking China and US as the world’s largest economy by 2050 on PPP basis – Mr. Adi Godrej, Chairman, Godrej Group. ·           Godrej group adopts a 10x10 model of growing 10 times every 10 years Speaking at an interactive session, Mr Godrej thanked IMC for the opportunity to share his thoughts, on Indian economy which has demonstrated good growth in terms of controlling inflation and deficits, stabilizing the rupee and creating an environment of confidence whereby a double digit growth rate could be possible in years to come. Projections of a continued good monsoon, could lead to a pick up of rural and urban demand. He was confident that the implementation of the long pending GST shortly, will further boost the country’s GDP by 2 basis points. He also felt that good economic policies of the current government could see India overtaking China and US as the wor

Global slavery Index 2016 - Estimated 18.35 million people are trapped in slavery in India

New Delhi, 31 May 2016 —  An estimated 45.8 million men, women and children around the world are today trapped in modern slavery - 28% more than previously estimated. They are enslaved through human trafficking, forced labour, debt bondage, forced or servile marriage or commercial sexual exploitation. This is revealed in the 2016 Global Slavery Index, the flagship research report published today by the  Walk Free Foundation .  In terms of absolute numbers, India remains the highest with an estimated 18.35 million enslaved people, followed by China (3.39m), Pakistan (2.13m), Bangladesh (1.53m) and Uzbekistan (1.23m). Combined, these five countries account for almost 58% of the world’s enslaved, or 26.6 million people.  The 2016 Global Slavery Index estimates that 28% more people are enslaved than reported in the 2014 edition. This significant increase is due to enhanced data collection and research methodology. Survey research for the 2016 Global Slavery Index included over 42,

Lucky Bracelet’ in Nagesh Kukunoor’s Dhanak elicits curiosity among ‘Khan’ fans

Mumbai, May 31st, 2016:  The trailer of Nagesh Kukunoor shighly anticipated film Dhanak has garnered tremendous buzz among audiences and film buffs. The film stars two young actors, Hetal Gada and Krrish Chhabria, essaying the roles of Pari and Chotu, who are complete show-stealers as they set out on a beautiful journey to meet their hero, Shah Rukh Khan. However, as a lot of fans have noticed, Chotu is seen wearing a certain silver bracelet in Dhanak’s poster and trailer- a bracelet that is famously worn and considered a lucky charm by another Bollywood superstar! Needless to say, this has generated a lot of curiosity among audiences. So, is there a fun twist in this tale of innocence and hope? Director Nagesh Kukunoor isn’t spilling the beans yet. “Let’s just say that every brother-sister bond, no matter how loving, has some point of rivalry- and Chotu and Pari have a very interesting one. You’ll have wait to find out what is that one thing that keeps them at logge

‘Zindagi Ko Tambaku Ki Patri Par Na Chalayein’ ... A Western Railway and Salaam Bombay Foundation initiative on World No Tobacco Day!

        May 30, Mumbai:  On 30th May 2016, World No Tobacco Day, the Western Railways in association with NGO Salaam Bombay Foundation (SBF) will ride a new track for citizens - ‘Zindagi Ko Tambaku Ki Patri Par Na Chalayein’, a campaign to rid the railways of the tobacco menace.  Beginning on Monday 30th May, 2016, the campaign will begin with an oral health camp for coolies by The Indian Dental Association (IDA). Following this, on Tuesday morning, commuters will hear the voices of Bollywood celebrities like Shraddha Kapoor, Juhi Chawla, Sharman Joshi and Govinda on the public announcement system. The Western Railway local trains are also known for their signature internal announcements that keep commuters updated with details of their journey and broadcasts precautionary messages. These special announcements are serious messages asking people to stay away from tobacco. An initiative launched by the Western Railways, Mumbai Division with support from the Salaam Bombay Fou

Bollywood actor Govindrao nominated for Potential Nominee for National Excellence Awards 2016

Bollywood  actor  Govindrao  nominated  for  Potential Nominee for    National Excellence Awards 2016   Govindrao  have bagged topped the nomination list of  Potential Nominee for National Excellence  Awards - 2016 (NEAs) on Socio-Economic Development of the Country by ALMA AWARDS .     Govindrao  is  making his  bollywood  debut by   playing the lead  character   in  the upcoming  bollywood   movie “ Slumdog   Karodpati . ”   Govindrao  is very excited to hear that at his initial career stage in  bollywood , he has nominated for Potential Nominee  award. He  said that  “ I’m eagerly waiting for  the award day. I would love to hear my name as an  awardee . ”   Shri   Devidas   Yerme , father of  Govindrao  said that  “ I’m very happy about my son that he is shining  in  bollywood . I never thought that he’ll go in to   bollywood  as I’m a farmer by profession . I’ll pray to  God that he’ll receive this award , not only for me bu

Adopt plain packaging to halt tobacco epidemic

Adopt plain packaging to halt tobacco epidemic     By  Dr   Poonam   Khetrapal  Singh, WHO Regional Director for South-East Asia     Tobacco   use   continues   to   be   a   major   public   health   issue   across   the   WHO   South-East   Asia   Region   with   nearly   246   million   people   in   the   Region’s   11   countries   continuing   to   smoke   tobacco   and   just   below   290   million   using   it   in   smokeless   forms.   Tobacco   is   leading   to   the   death   of   1.3   million   people   across   the   Region   every   year   –   the   equivale nt   of   150   fatalities   per   hour.   The   message   isn’t   getting   through:   Tobacco   kills.   A   good   way   to   amplify   it   and   disrupt   the   psychology   of   tobacco   consumption   is   making   the   plain   packaging   of   tobacco   products   –   also   known   as   standardized   packaging   –   mandatory.   Plain   packaging