Tata Capital Financial Services Limited NCD Tranche II Issue to open on August 13, 2019

Interest rate of up to 8.85% per annum - For Option IV, 10 years – Annual option

·       Ratings - CRISIL AAA / Stable by CRISIL Limited (“CRISIL”) and CARE AAA; Stable by CARE Ratings Limited (“CARE Ratings”)
·       Tranche II Issue Size: Rs. 412,600 lakh (out of which Rs. 299,790 lakh Secured & Rs. 112,810 lakh Unsecured Subordinated)
·       Interest pay-out on Annual basis for all the options
·       Minimum application size Rs. 10,000 collectively across all Options ranging from 3 to 10 years
·       Allotment on first-come, first-serve basis

Mumbai, August 08, 2019: Tata Capital Financial Services Limited (the “Company” or the “Issuer”), a Systemically Important Non – Deposit taking Non – Banking Financial Company (“ND – SI – NBFC”) focused on providing a broad suite of financing products customized to cater to the needs of various segments, proposes to open on August 13, 2019, a Public Issue of Secured, Redeemable, Non-Convertible Debentures of Face Value of Rs. 1,000 each (“Secured NCDs”) up to Rs. 299,790 lakh and Unsecured, Subordinated, Redeemable, Non-Convertible Debentures of Face Value of Rs. 1,000 each (“Unsecured NCDs”) up to Rs. 112,810 lakh, aggregating up to Rs. 412,600 lakh (“Tranche II Issue”). The base issue size of Tranche II Issue is Rs. 50,000 lakh, with an option to retain oversubscription upto Rs. 362,600 lakh, aggregating upto Rs. 412,600 lakh (“Residual Shelf Limit”). 

The Tranche II Issue is scheduled to close on August 23, 2019 with an option of early closure or extension as decided by the Board of Directors of the Company (“Board”) or the Working Committee of the Board.

Mr. Rajiv Sabharwal, MD and CEO, Tata Capital Limited, said, “Tata Capital Financial Services is well-diversified with assets across Retail, SME & Commercial Finance. It helps us to cater to a wide spectrum of customers. Our strong parentage, triple AAA ratings and commitment to transparency position us well in the industry. We continue to focus on our strategy of Synergy, Simplicity and using digital as a differentiator It allows us to meet the expectations of the ever evolving Indian customer. We look forward to being a significant contributor to the India growth story.”