Wedding Planner & Producer Naman Tyagi wants to plan a Destination wedding for Ranbir, Alia

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are spotted several times together with a rumour of allegedly dating each other. Since many days there are also news making rounds about both getting hitched soon.

On the other side where fans are excited to see them together for a lifetime - Wedding Planner, Naman Tyagi is not only happy but also have a dream to plan a royal Destination wedding for them. Till date, Naman Tyagi has fulfilled the dreams of more than fifty couples with his sister Neha Tyagi. 

Naman Tyagi who is also passionate about Fashion world, Production and Filmmaking - also wants to feature Ranbir and Alia for his future project. When interacted with media, Naman said that if Alia and Ranbir accepts - he wants the actors to get married between the process of the film - like in reel and real also which he can depict in the film. Naman also said - it has never happened before and it will be a memorable film for everyone.

Naman Tyagi is a Founder of Weddopedia & Fashiopedia, was born in Bareilly. He did his schooling from Bareilly & engineering from Delhi. Naman had a great interest in startups since childhood. 
Life was not easy for Naman Tyagi, had struggled a lot in his early days, but he always dreams to make it large, for that he did lots of hardwork and now results to build on his own. 

His sister Neha Tyagi is always a supporting hand for him in every situation and Neha Tyagi is the Co-founder of both Weddopedia and Fashiopedia. 

Weddopedia is a wedding planning agency and a team of powerful humans, that link their professional expertise to their personal love for weddings. They work at the weddings, to the weddings. 
Fashiopedia is a fashion & production agency which helps to promote and establish new talent & new products by producing films, Musical albums, Fashion shows and Beauty Pageants.

Weddopedia & Fashiopedia is also taking an entrepreneurial adventure for promoting charity shows, modeling, acting, fashion designs, cultural events, social events for the cause of societal benefit and welfare for the deprived section of society and etc. 


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