Mumbai, 27th

much awaited new age fabric brand, LIVA with their new stylish brand ambassador

Kangana Ranaut and announced the launch of Liva Accredited Partner LAPF at JW

Mariott, Mumbai with an exclusive fashion show.

LIVA is a new age fabric that is natural, fluid, and fashionable which infuses fluidity

into the garment.

 March 2015: Birla Cellulose, from Aditya Birla Group, unveiled their

The evening saw a beautiful amalgamation of the five elements to bring out the

essence of LIVA, in a fluid fashion showcase titled ‘Panchtatva’. James Ferreira,

renowned for his subtle non-literal infusion of Indian elements, presented the

LIVA Collection themed AIR, Puja Nayyar, known for her unique ideation towards

experimentation in design, used EARTH as an element to showcase the expanse

of the fabric LIVA, Narendra Kumar, well known for his structured silhouette and

sharp tailoring, displayed the fluidity of the fabric, using WATER as the inspiration

and Anita Dongre, who is known for her wide range -prêt to couture, traditional to

contemporary, classic to avant-garde and desi to global, took inspiration from FIRE

to bring alive the fiery fluidity of LIVA. The highlight of the showcase was show

stopper Kangana Ranuat, walking the ramp in a gorgeous LIVA creation.

Speaking from the venue, actress Kangana Ranaut said “When I saw the fabric I was

really surprised at how flowy and fluid it was. It draped by body in just the right way,

wasn’t too boxy or too tight. The fabric moved as I moved. I think it’s the kind of fabric that

can go well with any clothing and occasion. Moreover, I personally feel that LIVA is going

to play a very important role in the world of fashion. People always want something new;

something exciting and I can see it happening with LIVA. The collections seen tonight

are very much testament to the great potential the brand has for women’s wear. It feels

great to be here tonight with the wonderful design team from LIVA, and of course, the

absolutely brilliant designers who have show cased their collections”

Hosted by Mr K.K. Maheshwari, Managing Director - Grasim Industries and Group

Director - Textiles, the evening sawleading fashion designers and industry stalwarts

from textile and retail gather under one roof to experience the world of natural, fluid

fashion. Seen in high fashion spirits were Wendell Rodricks, Puja Nayyar, James

Ferriera, Jatin Kochhar and Anita Dongre

Speaking during the press-conference, Mr. K.K Maheshwari (Managing Director -

Grasim Industries and Group Director - Textiles) said, “Firstly, we needed to create

a distinctive and relevant end-consumer promise. With years of experience and

several intense rounds of understanding consumers, we have found one that we

believe resonates strongly with their desires and beliefs. Not only does it fully satisfy

them on the aspect of being a natural product, it also delights them on the distinctive

aspect of the product which is its soft drape, or “fluidity”. I am delighted to announce

that we are launching this product under the brand name “Liva” with the very simple

but very meaningful and attractive proposition of “Natural Fluid Fashion.”


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