ManageMySpa’s Benchmark Report uncovers interesting trends in the beauty and wellness industry

Demonstrates clear growth across performance segments &
shows increasing gender balance in terms of spending propensity
Mumbai, September 28, 2015: Five years after inception, ManageMySpa, the leading provider of software solutions to the spa, salon and medi-spa industry released a Benchmark report for the salon and spa industry to help players in the domain keep abreast with its interesting evolutions and trends. 

The objective of the report is to bring data-driven conclusions about the industry to the fore so that domain players can make better and more informed choices. The aim is to give spas and salons a real and tangible way to measure their business performance against industry peers, based on the actual performance of thousands of businesses across India. The conclusions of the report will also help them adopt industry-best practices and digital strategies to successfully tap the true potential of this ripe sector in the country.  

The Zenoti Benchmark Report unveils many new findings that are contrary to popular beliefs about the spa and salon sector. In the Top 10% of spenders at a premium salon, men spend more than women per visit and take more services per visit. This indicates that there is a niche high spending men’s category in salons. However, outside of the top 10% spenders, women continue to be the highest spending group at luxury and premium salons. At spas, men spend significantly more on wellness treatments than women. However, the best performing spas tend to have a healthy and even mix of female and male clientele.

Other interesting findings include insights around sales performance, customer behaviour and marketing models. There is a wide divergence in the performance of similar sized salons and spas. For example, salons that fall into the Top 10% sales performers bring in more than twice the overall sales of the median performers (or the Top 50% of sales performers).

This shows the industry is maturing where salons and spas with better processes, quality of service delivery and business models are probably going to break away from the average performers in the industry.

Mr.SudheerKoneru, CEO, Zenoti said, “The Benchmark Report is an endeavor on our part to turn the spotlight on the emerging trends in the spa, salon and medi-spa industry. Besides throwing up many interesting facts, it will also immensely support the expansion plans and growth strategies of the players in this space. The report illustrates how application of world-class models, cloud-based solutions and mobile marketing strategies can enhance ROI in the current tech-driven business eco-system.”

“Over the years, we’ve added complex capabilities to support collections based financing, electronic medical records, going completely paperless and extensive package management, all of which are used by medical spas. Most recently, we added capabilities around group classes and diverse membership types which enable yoga studios, Pilates studios and fitness centers to completely run their business on our platform”, added AnandArvind, VP of Products.

“Access to such industry benchmarks enables salon and spa businesses to assess the areas for improvement and have targeted initiatives to help improve their performance in a more methodical approach. Zenoti is committed to delivering even more insights and metrics as part of its future benchmark reports to help business owners in the industry” added AnandArvind.

ManageMySpa also announces a change in its name to reflect abroadened service offering. ManageMySpa will now be Zenoti.


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