P. D. Hinduja Hospital signs MoU with Marrow Donor Registry of India (MDRI)

Mumbai, September 28, 2015: P. D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Marrow Donor Registry of India (MDRI); India’s first NGO that maintains a computerised database of voluntary, unrelated stem cell donors and facilitates blood Stem Cell transplants for patients with life-threatening blood diseases. With this MoU, P. D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre becomes an apheresis centre in the city for harvesting (collecting) peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) from voluntary donors.
Mr. Gautam Khanna, CEO, P.D. Hinduja & MRC said, “There is a growing demand for stem cell transplants however, shortage of qualified collection centres across the country has been a major drawback. We at P.D. Hinduja Hospital are happy to partner with MDRI in line with our vision of providing quality healthcare for all. This initiative should inspire more donors across the country.”
P. D. Hinduja Hospital has received the College of American Pathologists (CAP) accreditation for its laboratories and is considered to be one of the best in India. Dr. Sunil Parekh, Chairman, Marrow Donor Registry of India (MDRI) said,“With latest technology and CAP accredited laboratories, P.D. Hinduja Hospital has the potential to bridge the demand-supply gap in stem cell transplant. P.D. Hinduja Hospital has the excellence to carry out the required tests and processes to ensure the highest quality of harvested stem cells without compromising on donor’s health.”
Ms. Claudia Rutt, first CEO, DKMS the World's Largest Stem Cell Donor Center who was present while the MoU was signed said, “India has a long way to go to meet the supply for stem cell transplant. Such associations will be beneficial and motivational for donors to come forward to donate stem cells. Both MDRI and P.D. Hinduja Hospital are committed in bridging the gap to meet the surging demand for stem cell transplant in the country and I applaud their efforts for the same.”
Mr. Raghu Rajagopal, CEO, DATRI; a Chennai based bone marrow registry also expressed interest of a similar association with P. D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre in near future.


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