Sanah Kapur bags her first award

Bollywood's new found talent Sanah Kapur who made her debut in the star studded movie ‘Shandaar’  has bagged her first award for her outstanding performance.  The young and talented actress received the ‘Best Debutant Award’ at the BIG Star Entertainment Awards 2015.   Being a viewer’s choice award, Sanah Kapur successfully proved that she is truly the audiences most favorite.

Even though ‘Shandaar’ didn’t go well on the box office, Sanah’s immense talent was highlighted and appreciated by everyone.  Her realistic performance has inspired many of her female fans (overweight fans) who now take Sanah Kapur as their role model and have accepted themselves as they are.  It is being known that Sanah has been receiving many compliments from her fans on various social media platforms who have mentioned that she is an inspiration to them.

The appreciation hasn’t just been on web but also in reality! A source close to Sanah, told us that incidentally when Sanah had gone for the BIG Star Entertainment Awards, she met a bunch of female fans who were waiting outside the venue just to have quick talk with their favorite role model. The super sweet actress not all met them and clicked selfies, but also showed her concern by telling them to reach thier home safely.

Expressing her thoughts on receiving so much love and appreciation, Sanah Kapur says, “I am overwhelmed and amazed to get such a great response from my audiences and the industry. I had never thought that my dream would become a reality so soon. It feels great to know that your hard work gets such high acknowledgments and I am thankful to all those who have encouraged and supported me in my journey.  First awards are always special and it becomes even more special when it has been chosen by the public. I hope to keep entertaining my audiences and do many more interesting roles in the future.”

Well with so much of love and appreciation coming towards this talented actress for her first movie itself,  we are awaiting to see much more of her in the coming future.


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