Mumbai, December 13: Introduced for the first time in India, the Mixed Pairs event in the Talwalkars’ Classique Invitational Bodybuilding Championships will be, a major attraction come December 16-17 in Mumbai. The competition is being held at the Orchid Hotel in Vile Parle (East) and the Yeshwant Natyagriha, Matunga(West). Among the front-runners in the event will be the husband-wife pair from Manipur, Barun and Mamata Yumnam. Barun an Asian silver medallist and Mamata a gold medallist will definitely be a unique made for each other combination.
The Rupees 16 lakh plus prize-money competition supported by Talwalkars’ Better Value Fitness is the biggest in India. The pairs event, though at a nascent stage is expected more than half a dozen entries which is good by Indian standards. The main event is off course the ‘Top Ten’ competition wherein India’s top 30 bodybuilders will be vying for the title which carries an award worth Rupees 5 lakhs.  
Barun, an inspector with the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) at 41 still spares time for his hobby and his managerial duties with the bodybuilding team of his employers. Mamata on the other hand is self-employed and runs a hardcore gymnasium in Delhi where she also doubles up as an instructor. The couple has three daughters and yet Mamata does the tight rope walk to follow her passion for fitness despite the busy schedule.
‘This event being unique and new means we have to be extra careful in presenting it in a way that it appeals to those who are fitness-minded.’ This was the opinion expressed by Barun. We will do a good job as we are partners in life and have been in the sport for a long time to understand the intricacies associated with   it and possess the chemistry to jell as a team. It’s just not about having a good and shapely physique but you must have good synchronisation and presentation skills, added Barun.
The duo will have to face some competition from Shweta Rathod and Ryan Cannel from Mumbai. Shweta who is a part of her family business is passionate about the sport. She unlike Mamata is a recent entrant to the sport and has made good progress. Her partner Ryan is a model who is employed in the corporate sector. He participated in the recently held World event in Mumbai in the fitness and good physique category. The North Indian pair of Yatinder Singh of Punjab, a Mr. India and his partner from UP, Ankita Singh too is expected to pose a good challenge to the two fancied pairs.
However, despite the considerably good field, the spectators will definitely miss the presence of Anup Singh Thakur. He was a bronze medallist at the Asian event and went on to bag a gold medal at the World event. He has got a big break in the movie world thereafter. He has already signed for a couple of Marathi and Telugu movies besides having a few assignments in Bollywood the ultimate of Indian cinema.


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