Abhijit Bhattacharya inaugurates “Colours of Spring 7” Painting Exhibition

Aakriti Art Foundation is delighted to present, “Colours of Spring 7” an Exhibition of Paintings and Sculptures by Mater as well as Established and Emerging artists from 27th to 29th Nov, 2016 at The Easel Art Gallery, Janki Kutir, Juhu, Mumbai. Art lovers will get a chance to cherish as many as 50 artist from India, U.S.A, U.K. and many other countries in a VIP Preview during this exhibition. This event will mark the 7th edition of holding successful art exhibitions by Aakriti Art Foundation.

Participating artists:
In this exhibition a special tribute will be paid to the late F.N. Souza and Suhas Roy. The pantheon of artists whose works will be on view, includes F. N. Souza, S. H. Raza, Jamini Roy, Suhas Roy, Sanjay More, Madhusudan Kumar, Pramod Kurlekar, Ramesh Deshmane, Rajan Raghavan, Poonam Anand, Karan Singh Rathod, Chhavi, Bhargava, Kirti Chauhan, Sam Varughese, Vimla Harsh, Neelam Chandaliya, Dr. Kusumlata Sharma, Kartik Kumar Prasad, Kanchan Mahante, Sanjay Chandaliya, Sachin Musale, Jankiramana, Aditi Sinha, Rimjhim Rajhans, Padmakar K., Varsha Sheth, Zalak Dedhiya, Sunil Chawdiker, Deepak Kumar Saw, Sreeranjiny Ganesh, Arjun Dalvi, Kapil raut, Suparna Mukherjee, Suyash Sinha, Sohan Kumar Chaudhary, Kaustubh Gawand, Aarti Sharma, Pritam Khairnar, Rajpal Kaalia, Paramjeet Kaur, Dr. Vishakha Sheth Thakkar, Foram Sachde, Deepak Garud, Monisha Singh, Bherulal Sutar, Swapan Bala, Dnyaneshwar Bembade, Mohan Jadhav, Garima Rani among others.

The show was inaugurated by Chief Guest Abhijeet Bhattacharya and many others significant personalities. Apart from this various other celebrities and well known personalities from all walks of life will also mark their presence during this exhibition. Apart from viewing the artworks the audience will also get a chance to interact with the artists and guests.
Aakriti Art Foundation  is a connoisseur of budding talent and has been pivotal to commercial success of upcoming artists. Aakriti Art Foundation  has provided a platform for artists, renowned as well as new, to showcase their work. Aakriti Art Foundation  is not only committed to this cause of art but also supports artists and helps them move ahead with gusto.
About 100 artworks will be display in the gallery in different styles, medium and narrative under a common roof. Each piece of art has been carefully selected and curated together to form a cohesive body of work. Manmohan Jaiswal, the director of Aakriti Art Foundation, states that this is a rare opportunity of all Art Connoisseurs to witness a large variety of styles, techniques and visual representations in a singular space during the exhibition.

Although presented in a group each artwork stands apart from another striking a visual dialogue with the audience. Since its inception the foundation has promoted artists working in a range of disciplines from all over India and Internationally.

Further, Manmohan Jaiswal mentions, “It is my ardent desire from within to render a platform for displaying several hidden talents in arts from vivid areas of our country and thereby bring them into lime-light. Also, I intend to offer my yeoman services to the art fraternity by organizing such rare group art shows including the works of several eminent and professional artists from different walks of life with diverse backgrounds and cultural vignettes of the areas they represent on a common platform for the benefits of all."


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