The PNB MetLife campaign #AnythingCanHappen drives 30,000+ downloads for ‘PNB MetLife Infinity’ app in under 30 days

NEW DELHI, Nov. 28, 2016 – PNB MetLife, one of India’s leading life insurance companies, has been focusing on delivering superior customer experience through innovations on digital platforms. The company recently launched the PNB MetLife Infinity App with an objective to provide their customers with a secure platform to save all their important documents.

PNB MetLife Infinity was launched basis a customer insight survey which revealed that people are typically unable to find important documents in time of need. Whether it’s a passport, insurance papers or the will, transfer of these documents from one person to another can be very difficult and time-consuming. The key benefit of PNB MetLife Infinity app helps users keep all their important papers such as passport, marriage certificates, insurance dockets, health records, etc. in a secure digital hub, while nominating their loved ones for passing on documents in case something were to happen to them.

To drive awareness and get people to experience the Infinity app, PNB MetLife worked with their agency Social Kinnect to launch a digital campaign – #AnythingCanHappen. This campaign was an extension of their earlier popular brand film (Magician) which highlighted how anything can happen in life, so it is better to be insured always. The film recently won a Bronze Spike 2016 in the Film category at the Spikes Asia 2016.

The new film while introducing the audience to PNB MetLife Infinity app, simply puts #AnythingCanHappen as a reflection of life’s uncertainties. Through a slice-of-life incident laced with humour, the film elucidates that anything can happen in life, so one should keep their documents safe and secure.

The #AnythingCanHappen campaign has been successful in building a positive perception about the app and the brand. The results reflect in the 30,000+ app installs within the first 30 days of the video going live and 2.4million+ video views overall.

Expressing his delight on the response for the campaign, Abhishek Rathi, Head - Digital Marketing, eCommerce and Digitization said, “PNB MetLife Infinity app allows you to create a digital legacy and share memories with the people who matter most to you. It is our earnest attempt to provide a differentiated solution, an extension to Life & Health insurance, towards securing memories, important documents and passing them to loved ones, in one’s absence.”

Commenting on the campaign Chandni Shah, COO, Social Kinnectsaid, “It was a challenging yet exciting campaign to work on as we had to give life insurance a quirky and light-hearted twist while portraying the usefulness of the PNB MetLife Infinity application.”


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