JP Infra fascinate investors in Dubai with 2 new projects at Mumbai

Mumbai, December 27, 2016: The renowned real -estate major of Mumbai-JP Infra- today dazzled investors in Dubai by showcasing its two new projects-JP Deck Blue- Goregaon and JP North-Mira Road. The Company organised an exclusive preview of these projects investors in Dubai.

Having an extensive portfolio of commercial, retail, residential complexes, and SRA projects, JP Infra has established benchmarks, and set new standards in the real estate industry. “We strongly believe in developing the skylines while ensuring that the blueprints see the light of the day and delivered on time. All in all, we strive to make living a pleasure and work a joy, by simply implementing our ideas to sq. ft. All this while paying Mother Nature the due respect.” said Mr Manoj Asrani, Head – Marketing, JP Infra Mumbai Pvt. Ltd.


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