Celebrate the month of Love with Foodhall’s Wine and Cheese Festival

~Luscious Cheese Platters, Heart Shaped Macarons, Tuxedo Strawberries and a lot more~

 2017: It has been said that when words aren’t enough to convey love, food comes in. Foodhall raises a toast to the many hues of love with a wine and cheese festival. Whether you’re planning a cozy dinner for you and your loved one, or a classy soiree with a close group of family and friends, Foodhall guarantees that you have a memorable time.

For a great start, pick up a few tubs of dips or choose from the range of cream cheeses and serve them with crackers. Whether it is the parmesan, spinach and artichoke dip or the cheddar, roasted red pepper and black bean dip, they make amazing starters.If you have guests who are vegan, Foodhall has a brand new range of vegan cream cheese. Try the lemon and coconut soy cream cheese or the blueberry cashew cream cheese for a surefire hit.

When it comes to cheese, don’t just focus on the varieties that come from abroad. There is a wide range of Indian cheeses that are full of flavour and delicious too. Handcrafted and homemade, this range includes fresh gur chenna, topli nu paneer and cottage cheese in yoghurt. Don’t miss the Kalari— a traditional Dogra cheese from Udhampur. A popular snack in Jammu, the kalari is great cheese with which you can make pakodas and curries or even just eaten sautéed with fruit.

Foodhall has a range of foreign varieties of cheese that have been produced in various cheese farms across India. Whether it is gouda, brie, or camembert, you can get your hands a wide range of premium quality cheeses to wow your guests with. Pair them with fresh fruit from the produce section and you’ll be all set to go. Cherries and strawberries with brie, figs with pecorino romano, sharp cheddar with grapes and gruyere with plums— your guests won’t be able to stop gushing about your stellar hosting skills.

If marinated cheese is your thing, then look no further than the bocconcini with olives, sun dried tomato and basil. As for those with a yen for fresh cheese, the feta with fresh herbs and olive oil is just the thing. If Middle-Eastern flavours are your favourite, then there is the labneh with walnuts and dukkah. No matter what your preference is, you are going to be spoiled for choice when it comes to assembling your cheese station.

All of this shopping is bound to make you hungry. Head to the live sandwich station and get ready to indulge. Pick the grilledcaramelized onion, basil pesto and chèvre sandwich or the gouda and smoked chicken one and dig in. 

For a sweet end to your meal, head to the patisserie for the Valentine’s Day specials available till 14th February. Heart-shaped macaroons, strawberry shortbread cookies, cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries or the eternal favourite strawberries and cream—celebrating love has never been more fun!