From Asking Questions To Answering Them – Popular Host & Comedian, Kapil Sharma Becomes The Next Guest On Koffee with Karan

KJo seems to be reaching far and wide to ensure this season of Koffee with Karan has a mix bag of the usual and unusual celebrity guests. After hosting award shows together and appearing on his comedy show, Karan has managed to rope in India’s biggest comedian – Kapil Sharma – for the next episode of Koffee with Karan Season 5. The episode, which will air on Star World and Star World HD on Sunday at 9 PM, will see Kapil making his Koffee debut.

Known for this impeccable comic timing, Kapil breaks the ice by joking about his limited knowledge of English and immediately persuading Karan to switch to Hindi for the rest of the show. As Kapil jokes, he just has 700 English words in his dictionary, the biggest of which is ‘Apologize’, which he sees no use for as it means the same as ‘Sorry. Sportingly playing along to Karan’s test of his English, Kapil attempts to convert titles of popular English movies into Hindi leading to hilarious results. Karan is left rolling with laughter as Kapil converts ‘Fault in Our Stars’to ‘Shah Rukh Khan ki Galtiyaan’!

From throwing light on his unusual habit of tweeting at wee hours of the morning to issuing a public-safety warning of ‘Don’t Drink And Tweet’ to hilariously trying to dodge Karan’s relationship-status questions, Kapil is a refreshing addition to this season of the show.
Known for their wit and funny comebacks, Kapil and Karan set the stage for a memorable episode as they banter with each other in jest and also give audiences a peek into the life and aspirations of the hilarious comedian. Make sure to catch this rib tickling episode of Koffee with Karan Season 5 with Kapil Sharma on Sunday at 9 PM only on Star World and Star World HD.