SleepEco-friendly with the new Peps Organica

~ Peps launches eco-friendly mattress for better sleep and a healthier life~
Mumbai, 25th Sep, 2017: Ensure better health with the new eco-friendly ‘Organica’ mattress fromPeps Industries Pvt. Ltd., India’s leading spring mattress company. Through Organica, Peps provides a natural and eco-friendly mattress for one to enjoy.

·         Eco-friendly combination of latex and bio-cotton

·         Luxurious machine tufted for all-climate comfort

·         Ergonomic support

·         Antimicrobial and Dust mite resistant

·         Chemical-free and hypoallergenic 

The Organica mattress is made from natural and pure ingredients. It is speciallycrafted with a combination of imported Latex and Bio-Cotton fabric, with high quality pocketed spring interior. It is naturally hypoallergenic, fungus-proof and hygienic. Organic products and fabrics offer more comfort, better breathability and are eco-friendly.

The latex and cotton in the mattress helps in self-ventilation and moisture regulation. This ventilation helps absorb body moisture and avoid disturbed sleep. Extra firm latex rubber also provides excellent body support to keep the spine straight and has a soft touch. Cotton, on the other hand, is considered to be very comfortable, non-allergenic and environment-friendly.

Speaking on the occasion K. Madhavan, Managing Director, Peps Industries Pvt Ltd,said,“We, at Peps believe that nature and the environment are the greatest gifts to mankind and hence through Organica, we aim to save the environment by using eco-friendly raw materials. This mattress is made keeping in mind the increase in environment and health awareness. A healthy sleeping habit and a comfortable environment is a must for a good sleep and a happy and productive lifestyle.”
The latex-cotton in the mattress keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Its pocketed spring interior ensures zero disturbance, more support, comfort and good sleep. This Organica mattress is dust mite-resistant, anti-microbial and will be thus very beneficial for people with respiratory problems.

Peps is the only Indian company to have a licensing agreement with US-based Restonic Corporation, one of the world’s largest mattress companies. This unlocks for Peps a wide range of trade secrets and technology that is unavailable to other mattress companies in India that Peps leverages on to create the best products for the Indian consumers.


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