Restaurant association provide suggestions and recommendations to MCGM after a circular by BMC on Revised procedure for issue of Hotel license...

Association to to set up a fire audit team...

The Indian hotels and restaurant association (AHAR) has submitted
their recommendations to the MCGM after a circular was issued by BMC
on January 24. (Circular attached)

AHAR in a letter to the BMC commissioner has stated that they would be
following the guidelines issued by the MCGM, but would like to bring
certain suggestions for fire safety matters in the city.

One of the matter was that many eating houses received directives by
the fire officials through the establishment needs to Install  Gas
Leak Detectors within the cabins of  gas cylinder .This is in
contravention of fire safety conditions itself , as it needs
electricity supply to operate and hence we are confused which norms
should be followed ?

2.Our another suggestions is that instead of sand buckets whether use
of Flour “ roti atta” can be used within the kitchen premises and for
your kind information as per FSSAI rules sand cannot be kept in the
cooking area.

3. Also during the recent inspection by the fire officials the members
are been told to remove the Tandoor Batti and are directed to apply
for using the same, that too which is within the kitchen premises. Sir
if you recollect we had brought to your kind notice that such
directives were been given by fire officials and, your good-self
clearly said that only those “Tandoor Batti’s” which were placed under
temporary monsoon shed are not at all permitted. Hence you are
requested to give direction to fire officials not to harass those
establishments who are using “Tandoor Batti’s” within the kitchen
premises. Also another order by BMC has stated that Tandoor Batti’s
are allowed.

We further suggest that if at all it is hazardous than a
non-combustible partition or separation should be made between the two

4. Sir if you recollect we brought to your kind notice that the Fire
NOC were never directly given to the establishment. The present and
the previous policy is that the MOH is the dept who writes to the Fire
Officials who then inspect, and thereafter inform the Medical Officer
for Health (MOH), who in turn intimates the establishment to carry out
necessary & satisfactory compliance of certain requirements and based
on the compliance the 394 Trade Licence is issued to the
establishment..At no point of time is the fire NOC has been handed
over to the establishment the Licensee.

In this regard, during the recent Inspection by the Fire Officials,
the NOC issued by its dept is demanded which highly impossible by
establishment or Licensee, as only after the compliance of fire safety
requirements the licence is issued.

Hence a directive to this effect also needs to be given as to whether
it is concern of safety measure to safe guard the lives is more
important or that of the papers?

5. As regards to the Point No. 11 of the recent circular dated
24/01/2018 is concerned, revoking of licence seems to be harsh steps
especially for those establishment who are having 394 Licence. All the
past fire incidents that has happened were not having a Trade Licence
nor were they legal premises. Be it Kinaara or Kamala Mill both of
these establishment were conducting the activities without following
the Stringent Norms laid by the Fire Officials or MOH under MCGM’s
1888 Act.

Sir, we request your good office if possible that instead of revoking
the license, they be given a chance to rectify the faults and take
corrective measures and later if the establishment fails to comply,
the same be revoked.

And simultaneously we feel that to have a natural justice, after the
licence is revoked for reasons which are beyond the Licensee’s
control, the procedure for restoration of licence within a stipulated
period may be given.

we would also like state that it was due to the negligence of hookah
parlour operators and event managers (fire show) or unscrupulous,
affluent people who disregarded the safety of the patrons by flouting
various restaurants licensing conditions the tragic incident happened.
But as a result of it the small, poor and traditional eating houses
catering to the lower and middle class public by providing good
hygienic food at affordable prices for more than 80 years are being

The need of the hour is to curb all illegal restaurant activity and
food cooking on the footpath and roads. The formation of a dedicated
cell by the MCGM to tackle this problem will highly be appreciated.

Santosh Shetty, President AHAR said, “We request MCGM to regulate as
well as facilitate the hotel Industry which serves to the middle and
lower middle class public. We are researching and looking into various
options for the formation of a fire audit team from our side. We
request the BMC to not to revoke license immediately and do issue a
show cause notice as the association and the authorities together need
to work to make all the restaurant and premised fire safe for the