Birth Centenary Celebrations of Acharya Devendra Nath Sharma – a scholar of Hindi literature of 20th Century

New Delhi, 27 April 2018:As part of the birth centenary celebrations of one of the chief literatures and scholars of the twentieth century – Acharya Devendra Nath Sharma, one day conclave was organized under the support of D.K. International Foundation. The event was held on April 21 at The International Centre, New Delhi. The Centenary Celebrations are taking place under an overall coordinating committee of which JP Nadda is the patron. The event was a part of nationwide events that were organised in cities including Kochi, Ranchi, Lucknow, Patna and Mumbai.

Remembering Acharya ji, Shri NN Vohra,Governor J&K  said “Occasions organized like these helps people know about Acharya ji’s contribution to the society. It is very important to stay connected with our heritage by knowing such poise personality. Scholars like have been successful in transforming the Indian society and their behaviors towards education and life. Acharya Devendra Nath Sharma was endowed with multidimensional personality, a gifted teacher and orator. He was essentially a lifelong learner, beginning from the grass roots and spreading himself out into many diverse eco-systems, with aplomb. I am very grateful to be a part of such prestigious event who took an initiative to introduce us with Acharyaji and his work.

Acharya Devendranath Sharma apart from being a renowed writer and scholar of Hindi Literature was also a playwright and the Head of the Hindi Department of Patna and Vice Chancellor of Patna University. He was also the first Hindi Scholar to be honoured with National Fellowship of University Grant Commission (UGC); Chairman of the panel of Indian Languages of UGC for many years; 

The event was dedicated to take forward and contemporize Acharya's emphasis on some facets of lifelong learning such as conceptual systems, images and stereotyping, resistance to change, defenses and the need to know constructive criticism, organisation setting, improving the situation as well as learning-unlearning-learning. The day's event also included other points of concern in the area of "life-long learning".