Whirlpool brings Free-Standing Dishwashers to India

~Powerful Cleaning and Drying in just 1 Hour~
~30% Extra Loading Flexibility~

Mumbai, 5th April, 2018: Whirlpool, the world’s leading manufacturer of major home appliances has launched its new European range of free-standing Dishwashers in India. With this launch, Whirlpool India has forayed into a new category and has added to its rich product portfolio.

Powered by Whirlpool’s Innovative Technologies like 6th SENSE, Power Clean Pro and Power Dry, the Power Clean Pro Dishwasher can easily clean and fully dry a full load of dishes within just one hour. The new range of Whirlpool’s Dishwashers provide 30% more room in comparison to other available products and is capable of removing even the toughest of grease stains on utensils.

The Power Clean Pro range comes with elegant designs and is equipped with innovative, smart and intuitive controls. It offers an ultimate dishwasher experience that delivers maximum energy savings through its ultra-efficient inverter motors and has A+++ energy rating.

The dishwasher also features a dedicated “Power Clean Pro Zone” that uses high-pressure spray nozzles on the rear of the dishwasher to ensure an outstanding cleaning and drying performance. This allows pots and pans to be placed vertically facing the jets, which have the power to clean even heavily soiled surfaces.

The new Whirlpool dishwashers use just 6 liters of water per cycle, delivering perfect cleaning results at lowest noise of 43 Decibels.

Excited over the Whirlpool’s foray into the free-standing Dishwasher space, Mr. Sunil D’Souza, MD, Whirlpool of India said, “From the House of Whirlpool, we bring the European range of dishwashers that delivers a powerful performance. Our new Power Clean Pro dishwasher sets a new benchmark for dishwasher performance.

Distinctive features of the New Power Clean Pro Dishwasher includes:

·         Up to 50% savings of time and water: The intelligent 6th SENSE technology by Whirlpool detects the level of soiling and at the same time optimizes the use of resources, guaranteeing low water consumption and high energy efficiency. It moreover eliminates the need of scrubbing dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.
·         Unique Power Dry technology: Alongside a powerful cleaning performance, Whirlpool’s unique Power Dry technology is a breakthrough solution that delivers the ultimate performance for spotless drying, even on plastics. Power Dry actively collects the humidity created after the final rinsing phase. This is rapidly condensed into water that is removed to leave cool, spotlessly dry dishes.
·         Provides space solutions with 30% more room: Whirlpool’s enhanced stability system provides full confidence to stack pans or trays on their side freeing up more space for placing additional items in the lower rack. Incredibly, stacking two saucepans vertically creates up to 30% more room.

·         Discretely beautiful design: Being smart on the inside, this range features characteristically high end styling with elegant contemporary looks that add to its sophisticationPremium materials such as brushed and chrome are used throughout the range.
·         Intuitive Interface: The new range of Dishwashers have high quality, easy to read screens. Used alongside ergonomically optimised controls, the interfaces are minimal yet intuitive.