Office Satire ‘Job Be Damned’ Launched In Singapore

Mumbai: National best-selling author, Rishi Piparaiya’s book on office satire Job Be Damned was recently launched in Singapore. Mr Ajay Makhija, former CEO of the Global Consumer Bank at Samba Financial Group released the book at a gathering of corporate professionals and senior international bankers.

Launched earlier this month in India, Job Be Damned is already witnessing a lot of reader interest, and has even ranked in the top 10 on Amazon Bestsellers in the humour category. Published by HarperCollins India, this is Rishi Piparaiya’s second book. His earlier work, Aisle Be Damned is a national bestseller.

Job Be Damned is pure, undiluted, high quality humour on a very difficult subject. The book is a combination of a mirror and a time machine. Every page, every chapter, every anecdote will make you go back in time and see how you were shafted by your boss, peer or subordinate or on the flip side, how you did stuff that you shouldn’t have. And a mirror because cloaked in all that wit is intelligent wisdom that gives us all a reflection of ourselves, and our role in the corporate world,” says Mr. Ajay Makhija.

A management graduate from Cornell University, Rishi Piparaiya was part of senior management in some of the largest multinational corporations and international banks. A CXO in the early 40s, Rishi is an insider and has curated several real-life, nonsensical work-place situations that are the basis for the outlandishly incisive suggestions made in the book.

“The book is a satire on corporate life and experiences. Strategies on exaggerating the CV, fluffing an interview, lowballing performance expectations and brown-nosing the boss remain pretty much the same across nations. Singapore is the hub of global trade and finance, and the potential for applicability of Job Be Damned is high. I am sure that those who pick up a copy will find it extremely entertaining as well as useful,” concludes Rishi Piparaiya with a smile.


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