Ultra Media & Entertainment Group opens global sales of its in house production “Chippa” at the prestigious MIPCOM 2018, Cannes, France

Ø  The film features “Critics Choice Awards -  Best Young Performer Award nominee Sunny Pawar ( Lion fame) first time as the main protagonist ‘Chippa’ and has a supporting cast of Chandan Roy Sanyal, Masood Akhtar, Sumeet Thakur & Mala Mukherjee in pivotal roles.
Ø  Written and directed by Safdar Rahman, this film is produced by Ultra Media & Entertainment Group, Travelling Light & Victory Media.
Ø  After Mipcom, the film also will be screened in various International film festivals before its global release in early 2019.

Mipcom, 2018 : Chippa is a story about the aspirations of a child who lives on the streets, told through a journey he takes into an enchanting world that he creates himself on a one wintry night in Kolkata. The film is an endearing & a universal homage to the spirit and the timeless stories of children growing up globally.

Sunny Pawar’s debut film “Lion” won him a lot of international accolades and he was also nominated for “ The Best Actor” by AACTA Awards, He also won a “Special Mention Grand Jury Prize” at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, was a prime nominee for “Young Artist Award” . The film in total has also garnered  6 nominations at the Oscar Awards
Along with the above, Ultra also will  be offering an array of Bollywood & International blockbusters, animated Films, TV Shows  & 85 well known films from the “Children Films Society of India (CFSI)” at the market. From the regional stable It will offer a range of films in Marathi, Bhojpuri and Bengali languages
They also will present internationally acclaimed films like Ramanujan, Doctor Rakhmabhai & Evening Shadows at the market. They will also be showcasing their existing, exhaustive slate of more than 1500 titles comprising of Indian & International films, television & animation content at the market.


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