Ethnicity Brings You the Vibrance Of Pushkar

Ethnicity brings to you - The Pushkar Collection, inspired by the dramatic collage of diversified pictures that bring alive the century old sprawling festivities of the Pushkar Mela.
Pushkar is an important pilgrimage destination which hosts the largest camel fair of India drawing tourists from across the globe. The abundance of colorful cultural themes from the mela, have inspired Ethnicity’s Pushkar Collection, making it a visual delight. 
In the collection you will find splashes of yellow, pink, teal and orange that showcases the gradient of colours, reflecting the glorious state of Rajasthan. The floral designs, mirror work and embroideries in the range, pay homage to Rajasthani culture and gives you an essence of the vibrancy Pushkar has to offer. 

Shop from Ethnicity’s Pushkar Collection at Ethnicity stores and, to add to your wardrobe the melting pot of culture and contrast hues, that is Rajasthan.


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