Lyla Blanc Introduces a Unique Fragrance ‘Retro’

Wear your elegance everyday
Retro, a unique variant from the House of Lyla Blanc is a classic fragrance that will take you back in time. A luxury fragrance for all which offers a blend of the classic and modern scent and belongs to the woody family. This perfume is made to bring alive the artiste within you, just a splash can add a touch of elegance to your personality.
There is an unconventional blend of interesting notes that give it a unique scent. The high notes consist of raspberries, oranges, rose and agarwood, exuding a strong and sophisticated aroma.
Then comes another unique blend of middle notes including pepper, mimosa, and leather accord that offers a sweet and warm fragrance. The last notes comprise of Ylang Ylang and Benzonia that leaves a sweet and flowery aroma.
This fusion of interesting ingredients leaves you fresh and energetic throughout the day. This perfume spray can be used by both men and women on any occasion. Lyla Blanc always has the best fragrances for you. 
Price: Rs. 999/- for 100ml 

Retro is now available at,,,,,, Large format retail, beauty and general stores


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