'Tanhaji' fame Vipul Gupta at sneak peak preview of author Sonali Gupta's book "Happitude"

Gratitude is an attitude that can change your life says the author, owner of 'Go Beyond Sports' and sports entrepreneur Sonali Gupta at the sneak peak preview of her upcoming book "Happitude".
She has previously written a widely famous poetry book 'Of Love Life and Everything in Between'.

The author & sports entrepreneur organized the sneak peak preview of her book at Springold cafe in Mumbai. The book is all about two words "happy" + "gratitude".

It is about using gratitude to create happiness in life or maybe using happiness to be grateful in life.

The event saw the presence of author and sports entrepreneur Sonali Gupta's friends and family along with few names from the TV and bollywood town. 'Tanhaji' actor Vipul Gupta was also seen supporting the author with her upcoming book.
While interacting with media actor said for making film one should stay happy and that's how Sonali's book is inspiring everyone including me.
The actor also shares about his recently hit film with Ajay Devgn, Saif Ali Khan and said that God has been generous to him that he got to learn so many things from the big actors.

Author, sports entrepreneur and owner of 'Go Beyond Sports' - Sonali Gupta also shared about working on various ideas and books, plans for her new projects, sports entrepreneurship work and much more.