William Penn Celebrates 18 Glorious Years by going international

In 2002, stationery accessories got a brand new identity called ‘William Penn’. This was launched with the idea of bringing lifestyle-driven stationery to India, and allow customers to touch and feel products before buying them. Until then, stationery was limited to small stores that did not have brands catering to a specific appeal. William Penn sensed this void early on and underlined the need for a premium writing-instrument specialist store.
18 years later the purveyor of premium writing instruments and men’s lifestyle accessories launched their first international store at One Galle Face Mall in Colombo, Sri Lanka inaugurated by former Sri Lankan Cricket Captain Aravinda de Silva.
With this William Penn’s journey so far has been into premium writing instruments, diversification into premium men’s lifestyle accessories with the acquisition of the English brand Lapis Bard in 2016, and a wide range of smartly designed writing-accessories such as organizers, activity-notebooks and products that combine traditional and digital interfaces. You can get them personalized too.
William Penn today has over 30 stores spread across 10 cities including Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Kochi, Noida and Mysore and one store in Colombo, Sri Lanka. With writing instruments and men’s business & lifestyle accessories from international brands like Lapis Bard, Pennline, Cross, Zippo, Jekyll & Hide, Sheaffer, Lamy, Hugo Boss, Waterman and many more William Penn is truly a man’s paradise.

At William Penn, one will find the perfect writing instrument and business accessory for oneself or as a treasured gift.


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