Miss World Deaf 2019 Attended Event of Shaba Speech and Hearing Centre, Mumbai organized in association with Phonak

Mumbai, March 2020
Shaba Speech and Hearing Center in association with Phonak took the initiative of organizing gathering for hearing impaired children celebrate the spirit of listening on 29th February at Comfort Inn Heritage, Byculla, Mumbai. The attraction for the event was Ms. Vidisha Baliyan ( Miss World 2019 Deaf).
The event began with the introduction of dignitaries in the panel and welcome speech for all. Ms. Fatima Jagmag, the owner of Shaba Speech & Hearing Center shared her experience regarding the change in confidence that has come in children with hearing loss and their parents through her work and practice.
The event also celebrated the success of the 25th anniversary of Shaba Speech and Hearing Center by cake cutting. The event was filled with stars, various cultural programmer were presented by hearing-impaired children such as drama, dance, singing, poetries, etc.
Talking about the event Vidisha Baliyan said that "Life threw a lot of curveballs on me since my childhood as a hearing impaired kid. But I was always sure about becoming something great in life. Hence, I decided to go for sports and with full dedication, I was able to achieve what I dreamt of. Later, life became more challenging and beautiful when I decided to become a model. I am thankful to my parents and Ms.Fatima to make my life so filling."
In conversation with the Ms. Fatima about the event, she said that "With proper counseling and technologically advanced hearing devices  children are able to live a normal life and confidently interact with the world. We are glad to create something like this and hoping to continue this for life long."
neha Mayekar (Marketing Manager, Sonova Hearing India)  also said, "I am thankful to Ms. Fatima for association with Phonak. At Phonak, We are passionate about creating hearing solutions that change people’s lives to thrive socially and emotionally. She also added that Phonak has dedicated pediatric portfolio for children with hearing loss.


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