Mint Homez unveils luxury Turkish Collection

Mint Homez brings to you timeless designs inspired by the vast, beautiful culture of Turkey with the launch of its BESPOKE collection. This ultra-luxurious collection by Mint Homez are a perfect blend of European and Arabic resources. 
Turkish designs are what they call the eclectic blend of modern and traditional. Although with the elements of vibrancy and bold colors, Turkish interiors are molded in a beautiful way to bring out elegance and harmony. These are the designs that are away from the ordinaries of life, they define grace and peace.
Mint Homez brings to you an exclusive Turkish collection that offers a wide array of bespoke designs which reflect delicacy and luxury. 
Our expert craftsmen have specially picked the select elements to bring to the settings that are adequately flamboyant yet classy. Its richness and modern appeal together makes the collection highly liked by modern classic lovers.
We have created refined and honest designs, layered with contemporary styles, sophistication and new-age luxuries. ‘Comfort with style’, idealized into these designs, you will love every minute of indulgence on them. From Sofa sets, to dining tables, buffet cabinets and Armchairs, the Mint Homez Bespoke has the complete Living & Dining Room collections, which can be custom-made to reflect you!