"Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless."

Third month of lockdown in India and we have seen so many stories of people suffering in pain and real heroes working for others.

Dr. Nehaal Mayur, International Development Expert, has been working selflessly since the time of lockdown. He is a Social Worker by Profession working for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals since five years. In his professional career, he had an opportunity to be an observer at the United Nations General Assembly alongside Heads of State of 193 countries and in 2018 he served as an observer at the Sixth Committee of United Nations General Assembly. According to Nehaal life is not just in Conference room or comfort zone but a good diplomat is someone who works at the ground level to understand the challenges of the people in order to design the best public policy framework.

As soon as India announced lockdown, Nehaal has been working from supporting public kitchen to distruting ration, fundraising to webinars. He is fully engaged in serving many civil societies.

His innovative ideas helped many farmers in bordi, Maharashtra. In addition, during lockdown when the challenges of the farmers were brought into his notice about the harvested vegetables being spoilt in farms, he immidietly raised funds to support these farmers. With the help of AKE Chandra Foundation he was able to buy all the vegetables from the farmers which were later distributed amongst communities in Mumbai.

He is also volunteering with Fire Safety Association of India for sanitization at Dharavi and Malwani slums in Mumbai.

He is also engaged in research on Impact Assessment of Post Medical Screening in Mumbai. 
Dr. Nehaal Mayur is a motivation to many.

His hardwork, dedication and his passion to serve the Humanity is commandable.
According to Dr. Mayur :
Serving lives is a great opportunity.


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