Sanitary Pad Bank launched with hands of Padmashri Dr. Kalpana Saroj on World Menstrual Hygiene Day

Divine Urja Foundation & Samata Educational Trust launched Pad Banks with support of Ulhasnagar Chemist’s Association

Saturday, May 28, 2022, Ulhasnagar: On this World Menstrual Hygiene Day Divine Urja Foundation & Samata Educational Trust in association with Ulhasnagar Chemist’s Association initiated the launch of Sanitary Pad Bank under their ongoing campaign ‘ProjectUrja’ with the hands of Padamshri Dr. Kalpana Saroj, Chairperson Kamani Tubes & Global Aviation Pvt. Ltd at Ulhasnagar Chemist’s Association Office, Ulhasnagar. 

Ten Pad Banks were launched initially, these Pad Banks will be kept at various Chemist Shops wherein people who visit shop to buy medicines or pads can donate one. These pads will be distributed to the women & girls in slum areas or villages.

Around the world, one in three girls face inadequate sanitation, and many others face social and cultural limits during their periods. Awareness Programmes and proper availability of Menstrual pads is a must for them to live a life of Dignity”, Said Dr. Kalpana Saroj, who has also been recently appointed to the Club G100 to India Country Chair for Anti Domestic Abuse Wing.  “We need to do more such awareness programmes for Women in our City, especially adolescent girls”, said Ms. Anjali Salve, Corporator, Congress, Ulhasnagar.

“No access to menstrual hygiene is the fifth biggest killer of women in the world, also as per a report nearly 23 million girls drop out of school annually due to lack of proper hygiene management facilities, the World needs to take this issue more seriously”, said Bhavna Chhabria, Founder Divine Urja Foundation.  

“We have already started the Awareness Campaign for Menstrual Hygiene will take it to maximum villages and slum areas to support Women in the Country, said Shekhar Jeswaney, Secretary,  Samata Educational Trust. “We have started with few sanitary Pad Banks at our Chemists shops and will surely try and achieve targeting each and every Chemist shops to have these Pad Banks to support these Women, said Thakur Bachwani, Secretary Ulhasnagar Chemist’s Association.


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