Successful song launch “Mere Sath chalo” featuring Shreya Kulkarni And Qaseem Haider Qaseem

The awaiting song “Mere Sath chalo” is released finally and in one day the views crossed 2 lakh and more. The song is a seductive one that catches audience attention.

The song launch event happened today at Peninsula, Sunshine studio Andheri West and the event was honoured with the appearance of some known star guests like Imraan Nazir Khan, Vindu Dara sing, Shifa menon, Salim Zaidi(Tillu) etc. 

There was also a special presence of Shamim Ahmed TiFFA award organiser. Ishan Masih the famous influencer joined the event and thus increased the positive aura of the event. All the guest were felicitated and happy with the song and it’s video. There was a video screening of the song and it got more and more loved by the audience that were present in the auditorium. Famous Actor and the star cast Vindu Dara sing appreciated the acting skills of Shreya Kulkarni and Qaseem Haider Qaseem in the song “Mere Sath chalo”. The song got a huge applause at the end and a very positive notes from the viewers.


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