P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC becomes the first hospital in Mumbai and Western India to introduce ‘FDG labeled Leukocyte PET-CT scan’ for early infection detection in occult & difficult cases

 Mumbai, 29th June 2022: Over time it has been established that early and accurate yield for detection of infection reduces the time and cost involved in providing accurate treatment and more importantly reduces the period of patient suffering. With this objective, P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC recently introduced ‘FDG labeled Leukocyte PET-CT scan’ for early detection of infection in occult & difficult cases. Currently, P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC is the only hospital in Mumbai and the whole of Western India to offer this test. 

Differentiating infection and sterile inflammation is the main clinical concern of clinicians. While routinely performed scans using high-resolution imaging modalities are useful in various aspects and give answers in most of the cases, however, infection detection may be difficult in some challenging cases where clinical dilemma is still not answered. Here 'FDG Labelled Leukocyte PET-CT scan’ imaging procedure has higher specificity whilst maintaining high sensitivity and resolution, and has functional + anatomical information, and can easily be a whole body survey wherever required, so higher yield to diagnose/detect more accurately, and can even be performed in patients where the conventional imaging modalities are not possible, making this scan a powerful tool in the clinical setting. 


Dr. Natasha Singh, Consultant & Head of Nuclear Medicine & PET-CT, P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC sharedThis different kind of technically advanced high-resolution ‘FDG labeled leukocyte PET-CT scan’ is an important tool to assist doctors in challenging cases of suspected infection, and aids towards better treatment management. It is superior in some clinical applications as compared to other advanced infection imaging modalities, and has been found to be particularly useful in peri-prosthetic or orthopedic implant infections, occult infection, diabetic foot, Charcot joint, etc. It is also a safe procedure even in patients with kidney dysfunction were contrast-enhanced CT and MRI studies are contraindicated.” 


Gautam Khanna, CEO, P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC stated “It is a new age method that has made it possible to detect early signs of infections in complex and tough to-detect cases. ‘FDG labeled Leukocyte PET-CT scan’ is superior in some clinical applications as compared to other advanced infection imaging modalities. We at P.D. Hinduja Hospital constantly strive to provide quality patient care with the use of the latest Global Technology and are extremely excited to be the first hospital in Mumbai and Western India to provide this scan.” 


Time is always of the essence and early detection only further helps in finding the right cure and stopping the infection from being debilitating/life-threatening. Many diseases can be cured just of early findings – that is the information that should be passed on.  


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